Schwerpunktfach (SF) /Präferenzfach(PF): Differences

Students who opt for the SF should have a keen interest in literature. Not only will we read books from Shakespeare's time until today's but we'll also have a close look at the historical, political and sociological background of the books.

Besides literature the following points will be relevant:

  • speaking: discussions / presentations
  • writing: both literary papers as well as other texts
  • grammar


There is an optional CAE-preparation course for those who would like to take the CAE exam.

The CAE diploma is recognized worldwide.

In the PF students will focus more on the pragmatic use of the English language:

  • speaking: discussions / presentations
  • reading of newspaper articles, non-fiction texts
  • writing
  • grammar


But of course there is still ample time for literature mainly of the 20th century.

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