Special Courses

CAE Course

The RG English department offers an optional course to fifth-form students preparing them for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) examination. The course consists of a weekly double lesson throughout the fifth form, towards the end of which students are encouraged to sign up for the exam. (The exam itself is administered by the Cambridge examination centre.) – Coursework includes work with a CAE course-book and training of the various parts of the exam such as reading comprehension, listening comprehension, the kinds of writing tasks set in the exam, etc. Having attended regularly, students should have a good chance of passing the exam.


For further information check the following website: http://www.cambridge-efl.org/


Advanced Placement English (APE)

The RG English department offers a special course for students of the first two forms who come to school with a significant amount of foreknowledge in English. APE is designed to challenge those students who already know the basics of the English language and who can afford to miss one class a week. APE takes place once a week during the regular English lesson. The timetable is organised in such a way that students of several classes get together with a separate teacher and have the opportunity to read and discuss English literature at a more advanced level. The course is intended for students who have been to a bilingual primary school, have followed English courses intensively during their primary school time or who speak English at home. Works that are read in APE include classics of children’s
literature and others not normally read in the EFL classroom.
Students are selected to join APE by their regular English teacher and are required to have a term mark for English of 5 or higher. The APE teacher assesses the students on an oral and written basis and this mark flows into their overall English one. APE starts after the probation period and continues up to the end of the second form.







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